FORGE: Forging Online Education through FIRE

SiGob Cloud: Plataforma Aplicativa Integral en la Nube, para la Innovación de los Servicios Ofrecidos al Ciudadano, en la Administración Pública Municipal

Creación de una plataforma SaaS Tecnológica Denominada vOrigin para la Determinación de Origen de los Productos Terminados de la Industria IMMEX

Multiprocessor real-time system scheduling

Design and testing of a data-mining model for management and control of operations in the manufacturing industry

Continuation of the project vDocument-paperless for mobile applications

Vdocument-paperless for applications on the new platform for mobile devices

Developing the environment-friendly, cloud-computing based, Vdocument-paperless platform, for information management

Real-time wireless sensor networks

Analysis of the performance of wireless sensor networks for fire and intruders detection and tracking